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What Our Clients Say...
There is no better person to ask about the difference a personal trainer can make in your workout, your energy level and your lifestyle than our customers. Here are some of our customer's stories, testimonials and results.
Nina B., Redmond, WA
"Although I've worked out all of my adult life, nothing brought real results until I started working out at Personal Training Team. Over the last year I have increased my strength significantly, especially my legs, which is extremely important for me - a senior. Fringe benefit - I've dropped a pant size!"
Judy M., Woodinville, WA
When I first joined Personal Training Team I wore a size 16 and had limited strength. I have been working very hard and now wear a size 12 and my strength has greatly improved. I love the way I am advised on eating habits, foods and general health. Achieving my all time best in my workouts keeps me moving ahead with a lot more energy!
Corrine D., Redmond, WA
Thank you Dianne for teaming William and I up with Barb! She has been amazing! Although William has not been on top of training lately (due to work and me being "selfish" and wanting to train alone with Barb) he said there was no way he would have kept with it as long as he has and he wouldn't have had the desire to do so. We are very thankful and so excited to continue on our path to being healthy with Barb's help!
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