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Summer is Coming: A Plan to Have You Beach Ready By July 4!
As nearly any western-Washingtonian will tell you, summer in the Pacific Northwest begins on the 5th of July. Did you realize, however, thats only about 90 days away? Dont panic! If your goal is to be beach ready by Independence Day, theres still plenty of time. Follow these 5 steps to maximizing fat loss, and in the next 12 weeks it is entirely possible for you to add 4-6 pounds of muscle, lose 15-20 pounds of fat, and storm the beach as youve always imagined.

1. Exercise 5 days per week, and incorporate both resistance and cardiovascular training. Contrary to popular opinion, resistance training actually burns more calories than traditional cardio, and stimulates more fat-burning hormones as well. Conduct resistance training and cardiovascular workouts on an every-other-day-basis. Week one, for example, lift weights on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. On Tuesday and Thursday, do cardio instead. Switch this order during week two, and continue alternating on a week-by-week basis.

2. With both resistance and cardiovascular training, prioritize intensity over volume. In other words, dont go longer, go harder instead. With cardio, trade in a 45-60 minute steady-state workout for high-intensity intervals -- 30-minutes maximum. During these shorter workouts, get completely out of breath as many times as possible. Recovery between intervals, however, is critical. You cant get out of breath again if you are still out of breath from the last round. Similarly, pumping out 1-2 heavier sets in the weight room will merit greater results than doing 3-4 lighter ones.

3. With resistance training, prioritize big muscles over small ones. In other words, think squats before bicep curls. If you are new to the weight room, do 1-3 sets of 12-15 repetitions of 5-6 different exercises. Intermediate and advanced lifters can do 2-4 sets of 8-12 repetitions of 5-6 exercises. With either sets/reps protocol, the weight needs to be heavy enough that the final 1-2 repetitions of each set will be very difficult (if not impossible) to complete. Finally, do not rest longer than 60 seconds between sets.

4. Eat animal protein and vegetables at every meal.

5. Eliminate all white, refined, and processed carbohydrates, including bread, cereal, pasta, tortillas, wraps, crackers, cookies, etc. Also eliminate all liquid sugars and sweetened beverages, including diet soda and fruit juice. Consume only 1-2 small servings of fruit or starch per day, and concentrate your consumption of these foods to the hours before and after your workout. Better fruit choices include cold weather varieties (things that grow in Eastern Washington), such as apples, apricots, cherries, pears, etc. Better starch selections include sweet potatoes, brown rice, yams, turnips, and squash.

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