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3 ways you can work in a holiday workout
Working out during the holidays...which can be a tough thing to do, unless you adopt some of the advice below...

Take advantage of the family gathering: So, you can barely stay in the same room with your family, right? That's fine...we've all been there. In that case, why not take the family outdoors and go on a long walk? Or, divide up into teams for a little hoops action or touch football? Make exercising a group activity when you're amongst family during the holidays!

Go for a pre-dinner walk/run: Exercising during the holidays isn't weird. Some instigators out there may try and make you feel weird for doing it, but that's their problem. You need exercise during this time of year...what with the stress and the trend toward higher calorie meals. Now, we all know that if you wait until after the turkey dinner to get moving, you're never going to summon the motivation to lace up those sneakers. Instead, go for a walk or run before dinner. 

Have a yard work workout: Raking leaves, gardening, shoveling snow...those are all activities that can raise your heart rate to typical exercise levels. If you just can't stomach the idea of running or walking during the holidays, then how about doing some work around the house (or in the house). Whatever keeps you active and moving, opt for that. Something is better than nothing, and small efforts can lead to big results!

By American Heart Association