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Dianne Cumberland
Dianne is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Consultant with specialties in Older Adult Fitness and Competition Training and Preparation.  She is the owner of Personal Training Team Inc. and Custom Fitness Systems.  With 30 years experience in the fitness industry she is highly skilled in helping individuals achieve their goals and realize their potential through a variety of training and coaching methods.

Dianne is an avid downhill skier and successful nationally ranked competitive bodybuilder with a firm belief in the health benefits of strength training - no matter what age!

"It is fun to win awards in contests but the real prize is the inner confidence that weight training has given me. The discipline that I apply when getting ready for a competition helps me set goals and stay focused in other areas of my life."
Dianne was first introduced to the world of bodybuilding by accepting a challenge. She was a 44-year-old aerobics instructor when a power lifter challenged her to follow a weight training program.

Eight months later, with encouragement from her trainer, disciplined workouts and changes in her eating habits she entered her first competition and took first place in the masters division of the Northwest Championships in August 1991, followed shortly after that with another 1st place prize in the 1991 Olympia Natural Classic.

Dianne has always liked teaching and working with others so she decided to become certified as a Personal Trainer and share her passion for exercise and in particular weight training.

In 1997 this turned into a full time career and in July 2000 she took over ownership of Personal Training Team, Inc. in Redmond, Washington.

In October of 2001 at the age of 55 Dianne won the Washington Ironman Masters Bodybuilding  Competition and 5 years later at the age of 60, she competed in the Masters Nationals Bodybuilding Championships in Pittsburgh, taking home a 3rd place trophy and the following month placed 2nd in the Washington State Natural Bodybuilding Championships, Masters Over 35 Division.

Dianne says, "Deciding to train and prepare for another competition at 60 was a birthday gift to myself. I wanted to show that it is never too late to set what might seem like impossible goals and work hard to achieve them, no matter what your age. If you really believe you can do it, then you can!"
Award Winning Bodybuilder
Aug. 2006: Washington State Natural Bodybuilding
 Championships - 2nd Place

July 2006: Masters Nationals Bodybuilding Championships - 3rd Place

Oct. 2001: Washington Ironman Bodybuilding Championships - 1st Place

Oct. 2001: Washington State Championships - 1st Place

Aug. 1991: Northwest Bodybuilding Championships - 1st Place

Aug. 1991: Olympia Natural Classic - 1st Place
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