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Celia Hawley
Celia entered the fitness industry in 1991 first for herself, coming in very underweight; gaining 12 lbs. of lean muscle and losing 3% body fat training with weights her first 10 months.  It naturally followed that she was inspired to become a fitness coach, first as an ACE Certified Aerobics Instructor working at a private health club in Olympia, Wa. Within one year she found it was more needed and rewarding to re-certify as an ACE Personal Trainer and she still holds that certification 21 years later. Celia worked as a private contractor from 1993 with several hundred clients over a total of 11 years for Take Shape Health Club.  In 2003 she opened her own private studio, Fit By Design LLC, in Olympia as a result of the demand of more and more clients seeking a private coaching venue.  She has also worked in homes specializing in Bowflex  coaching for many years.
Noticing a growing need for clinical exercise expertise she certified in Pilates Mat in 2002, and in 2005 she completed an ISSA Certification as an Exercise Therapy Specialist.   Clinical exercise design and coaching was where she found the work most rewarding of all.  Today, in addition to general fitness, she incorporates and includes functional, corrective, pre and post rehab, core training, posture and gait improvement, senior fitness and those with special needs or disability. She has been coaching seniors at Trilogy Redmond Ridge Center For Wellbeing since 2009.

Celia and Dianne Cumberland have been friends and colleagues for over 17 years. Celia worked with Personal Training Team., Inc.  briefly in 1998 coaching in homes in the South Sound area.  Recently re-joining PTT’s great team in Redmond, she offers clients her broad base of knowledge acquired from over 20 years of dedication to her clients and shares the mission statement of the PTT team.

Her personal interests include hiking, cycling, body blades, hula hoops, spring skiing, ice skating, piano, English handbells and all forms of music, and you can often find her at Argentine Tango classes and milongas.  She has 2 sons, 2 daughters, 3 granddaughters, one grandson and an English Bulldog.

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